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Rabbits, Cats, Vulcher, and Roadrunners, Horses and Donkeys, Cows, Bulls/Steers, longhorns, Buffalo, Armadillos


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The rabbits are slip (liquid clay) cast in a plaster mold from a wood original.  It is NOT one mold.  There are many pieces involved in one sculpture.  They are cast, assembled and fill in all the joints to sculpt or contour or give definition to shoulders, arms or wherever is needed to contour the body to give life to my animals, smoothed and finished by hand, fired and hand-painted.  No two are exactly alike as each sculpture is hand-crafted and, which I believe, has its own uniqueness.

My work is NOT mass produced.


Ceramics - - $80.00 Each

Grey, Mauve, Brown, Teal , Turquoise

Standup Rabbits -- 10 1/2" High with the feet span of 7"

Laying Down Rabbit - 10 1/2" long and ear span of 8"













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