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Southwest Contemporary Folk Art

Rabbits, Cats, Vulcher, and Roadrunners, Horses and Donkeys, Cows, Bulls/Steers, longhorns, Buffalo, Armadillos



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Rabbit Pool Player, woodcarving  Art Rabbit Pool Player, Wood Art, Wood Sculpture Lady Rabbit reading a book, woodcarving art, wood sculptures

Item 101R

Item 102R

Item 103R

Watermellon Clown Rabbit, Wood Art Watermellon Rabbit, Fine Art, Wood Rabbit Poker Player, Wood Sculpture, Fine Art

Item 104R

Item 105R

Item 106R

Rabbit holding baby, Wood Art Teacher, Accountant Rabbit, Art Wood

Item 107R

Item 108R

Item 109RP

Rabbit holding chilies Chili Rabbit Rabbit holding chili and reading a book

Item 110R

Item 111R

Item 112R

Watermellon Rabbit, woodarving sculptures Rabbit Indian dancer, woodcarving art, Rabbits playing drum, Dancer Indian Rabbit, Wood Art

Item 113R

Item 114R

Item 115R

Dancer Indian Rabbit, Wood Art Dancer Indian Rabbit, Wood Art Dancer Indian Rabbit Drummer, Wood Art

Item 116R

Item 117R

Item 118R

Rabbit Playing the Guitar Rabbit holding its baby set,  holding strawberry Rabbit sitter holding baby reading a book, woodcarving art, rabbi wood sculptures

Item 119R

Item 120R

Item 121RS

Indian Rabbit  playing drum Rabbit Playing Drum Stand-up rabbits -

Item1 122R

Item 123R

Item 124R -  A, B, C

Striped Watermellon Rabbit - Wood sculpture -Fine Art Rabbit playing/holding basket ball, woodcarving art Rabbit Baseketball Player, wood sculpture - art

Item 125R

Item 126RB

Item 127RB

Indian Rabbit Playing Drum - Small

Item 128R



Rabbit laying down eating a carrot or red chili reading a book, woodcarving art Rabbit orchestra conductor, woodcarving sculpture art Bunny

Laying Down Rabbit  Reading a Book

And Holding a Carrot or Red Chili

Item 131R - Orchestra Conductor


Rabbit Sitter playing the flute, woodcarving art, wood sculptures Golf Rabbit Rabbit football player holding football, woodcarving art

Item 132R - Flute Player

Item 133RG - Golfer

Item 134R - Football Player

Ceramics - Figuerines sculpture art



Item 101M

Item 102M

         Item 103M

Cat Playing Guitar - Woodcarving Cat reading a book and pencil with tennis shoes, woodcarving art

Item 1C

Item 2C

Item 3C

Item 4C

Item 5C

Item 6C

Sculpture - wood art Roadrunner woodcarving sculpture

Item 7C



Item 8C

Horses and Donkeys, whimsical woodcarvings art

Item 101H

Item 102H

Item 103H

Donkeys, Mules carrying wood, whimsical woodcarving art

Item 101D

Item 102D

Item 103D

Cows and Bulls woodcarvings art

Item 101C

Item 102C

Item 103C

Black Bull Bulls, longhorns, woodcarvings art

Item 101B

Item 102B

Item 103B

Item 104B

Item 105B

Item 106B

Buffalos woodcarving art, wood sculpture

Item 107B

Item 108B


Item 109B

Item 110B


Armadillos woodcarving art

Armadillo - A

Armadillo - B

Armadillo - C

Coyote 102

       Pig Sitter

Pig Set

Rooster on a base woodcarving sculpture

Rooster 101

Rooster 102

Rooster 103

Rooster 104

Rooster 105

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