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Welcome to Woodcarvings By Rory!


 At Wood Carvings By Rory, we carry the most unique handmade gift

items the world has to offer. Here you will find interesting hard to find 

items for very affordable prices. These magnificent, high quality 

 wood sculptures  are individually carved with great attention to

detail by me.


Whimsical animal woodcarvings  that are humorous with lots of 

personality by New Mexico folk artist Rory Alvarez.    My design or creation of

wood sculptures  are Southwest Contemporary Folk Art  - -  of rabbits,

cows, bulls, steers, longhorns, horses , donkeys, cats, etc. 


Whether you need a unique gift for valentine, a birthday gift, or just  

 want to 
 treat yourself to a unique  handmade treasure, Wood Carvings

By Rory is where you will find it!


At Wood Carvings By Rory we appreciate your business and we will  

continue to offer the largest most unique handmade collections at the

 prices while providing visitors with the best shopping experience

on the Web
 and direct contact with the artist when

 placing your order. So call Rory or Ruby and ASK for our

DISCOUNT PRICES at 505-620-9892.  













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Rabbits, Cats, Vulcher, and Roadrunners, Horses and Donkeys, Cows, Bulls/Steers, longhorns, Buffalo, Armadillos